God Wants To Partner With Us

Recently a friend of mine asked me to fill in for him teaching a class.  As I was reading over the material for the night, I was reminded of how God wants to partner with us not only to help us achieve our vision and goals but also in our every day life. We don’t have to do things alone or in our own strength.  God wants us to dream, create and simply live life, partnering with Him in all we do.   Continue reading

Process Pt 2 – The Dark Times

Continuing with the theme of “process” this week!  I wanted to specifically talk about the dark times in our journey where we can’t see what’s ahead of us and we feel uncertain and alone.  The unknown is one of the scariest parts of process but I believe there are things we can do to help take us through in peace.

Walking On Water

When I was a little girl, I never doubted the stories in the Bible.  I had faith.  I believed God so much that I thought I could walk on water if I had enough practice.  I used to try carefully stepping on top of the water while the tub drained. I must have thought the different levels might help or something. Ha!! My confidence in God was unshakeable. I knew His power could overcome any situation. Continue reading