Hello Tomatillo & Welcome To My Life!!

You can tell from the title of my post, that until recently, I had no idea what a tomatillo was. I’ve always LOVED green salsa (aka chilie verde sauce) and I guess I just thought it was made from green tomatoes….how awkward is that?? Smh.

So I found an incredible blog called Against All Grain with the most delicious recipes!! These dishes actually TASTE GOOD!! Ha! I decided to make her Chile Verde Chicken Enchiladas . I made a little trip to the grocery store (for the unknown tomatillo) and away we went!

I’ve actually made the sauce twice now. The first time, I didn’t follow all of the instructions and the second time I did. Interestingly, my husband raved over it the first time and the second time he broke my heart and said my salsa made him want to eat the kind out of the jar instead…yes he did. Shameful isn’t it?

Ok – successful attempt number 1 (for some reason BOTH times I failed to take pics….):


I just used 1 Serrano pepper and NO garlic. I thought it was too salty, Carlos thought it was great!

Failed attempt number 2:


This time I used 2 Serrano peppers, garlic but I only used 3/4 tblspn of salt.

Verdict: Next time I will not use garlic, I will only use 1 Serrano pepper but I’m still gonna see bout 3/4 tblspn of salt. Also – we were so hungry that both times we just put the chicken and sauce in a tortilla and ate it. It was delish!

Let me just take a moment to rave about this salsa and the tomatillo!! Wow and WOW! Who knew?? Skip the chicken! Give me some chips!!! I’m so happy, just writing this blog I’m remembering when I first tasted it! I just stared at my husband and said, “THIS is how they make green salsa!!!” Haha! I had no idea when I was making it what it was gonna be like. This should help you all understand why my forays into the kitchen are such a big deal!

Here is the nutritional breakdown from the way I made it:


I DO realize that there was way more to this recipe than the sauce. Since it was a fairly labor intensive meal for ME, I’m gonna do an entirely separate post on the tortillas from the recipe. I made two batches of them and had mixed results and I want to share about it in another post.

If you make the enchiladas or salsa, I wanna hear all about it!! And make me feel better and confess if you didn’t know what a tomatillo was either!!!!


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