Still Learning

As a white female raised in Texas I realize that even though I consider myself “open- minded” and lacking prejudices, I simply have not had the experiences some of my brothers and sisters have. When I look at Ferguson through MY lens, I see a tragedy but our justice system properly at work. HOWEVER, I have very good friends who I respect and love that are telling me that there is something else going on, a bigger issue, not just a single incident. I hear them saying that I need to look deeper. I choose to re-examine what has happened historically & currently. I begin to realize that in truth, I might not know or comprehend things like I think I do. But I WANT to understand. I acknowledge that the black community has been deeply hurt and for that I am sorry. Forgive us for how we have ignored your concerns, our insensitivity and refusal to admit there is a problem. I hate prejudice & racism in any form. I hate injustice. I want to stand up for what is right. I want to be brave enough to admit that: maybe I have been wrong. I like this article by Lecrae & this one by Propaganda. I’m still learning.


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