Introspective Or Mid-Life Crisis?

I’ve been very introspective the last few months, asking myself and God lots of questions about who I am.  I’ve even thrown out the “What am I supposed to be doing with my life” and “What is my “WHY”” questions for good measure. It kinda sounds like a mid-life crisis when I type it all out!!  I promise that isn’t what is going on here!

It’s actually been kinda nice to be in this season where I am allowed to search these things out and where I don’t feel any pressure to make “decisions” or be defined by a label. I gave myself a blank slate. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.  When you start searching your heart, sometimes things show up you didn’t know were there and then you have to deal with them. I have filled up a notebook and talked Carlos’ ear off.  We have white boards in the kitchen loaded with ideas, thoughts and plans. It’s definitely been a journey and I am not done yet. I am excited about the direction that I have so far and can’t wait to share more. 

6 thoughts on “Introspective Or Mid-Life Crisis?

  1. I loved hearing your perspective on the podcast with the Petty’s 💕 Totally agree it’s not always sunshine & rainbows in the same state but it is indeed so exciting! Looking forward to hearing (well reading) more from you.

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